Friday, January 01, 2010

Our dearest Fazlina Ahmad - Mother of two, gone too soon

I waited until my brother made it publically on facebook on our ties to Fazlina to write this post. It is a sad new day of the new year for us, especially for his wife and inlaws. Fazlina was a beloved cousin.

Now because of some MONSTER out there, her kids will no longer have motherly love.

It's this kind of MONSTROSITY that makes hell for others.

My brother spend most of his time at the hospital mortuary and my SIL drove all the way from Penang, after taking a flight to Penang earlier to spend time with family because most of the clan is up north. My brother and SIL are the only close family here. Imagine the pain they are going through and having to face all this.

AL-FATIHAH to Fazlina. I pray and wish that the MONSTER is caught soon.

Police detain a woman in connection with body in closet case

Murder victim Fazlina Ahmad 39 in a photo with her
daughter Mariam 5.

KUALA LUMPUR, (Dec 31, 2009) : Police have detained a woman, believed to be the companion of the husband of a woman who was found dead in a closet at Pinggiran Ukay here yesterday, to facilitate investigations.

Ampang Jaya District deputy police chief Supt Amiruddin Jamaluddin said the 22-year-old woman was detained at about 1.30am this morning.

"Police trailed and monitored the activities of the woman from 9pm yesterday after the husband of the victim had gone missing since the body of his wife was found dead in a closet," he told Bernama when contacted here today.

Yesterday, the victim, Fazlina Ahmad, 39, was found dead in a master bedroom closet of her house in Jalan Piggiran Ukay, with her mouth and nose wrapped with binding tape and covered with a piece of bed sheet.

Acting on a report from the victim's friend whose efforts to contact the victim were futile, police went to the house at about 9pm yesterday before discovering the body in the master bedroom of the double-storey house.

Amiruddin said police did not rule out family problem as the motive of the murder but said that police did not receive any report of abuse although the couple were married for about six years.

He added that Fazlina, a mother of two girls aged five and seven, was believed to have died due to suffocation about nine hours before the body was found but added that there were no marks or indication of any struggle.

"We are still waiting for the post-mortem report and looking for the victim's husband to assist investigations," he said.

Meanwhile, the elder sister of the victim, Faezah said she last met Fazlina, her youngest sister last Saturday when she returned to her hometown in Jelutong, Penang for holidays.

"My sister who came to Penang on Dec 26 had promised to return on Dec 30 to relate her problems...I guessed it must be her family problem," said Faezah when met at the Kuala Lumpur (HKL) mortuary.

"We have no knowledge of the problem between her and her husband ands when we received news of her death last night, we were shocked."-- BERNAMA


  1. sedihnya baca..
    Al Fatihah buat arwah..

  2. hanya Allah SWT yang tahu...
    Terima Kasih Jiey

  3. may i know how's Nurrin & Maryam are doing? hope the 2 girls are in good hands... if there's anything I can help.. kindly email me at

  4. Fern : Thanks for your concern. I havent had the chance to met my SIL (who is a close cousin) yet to get any recent news and they are still in Penang with funeral arrangements. I'm sure both girls are in loving hands right now and all we can do is pray for their well being. Thank you for stopping by, your gals are adorable too :)

  5. Farah,
    I am terribly disturbed by this. My condolences to you and your family.
    may the monster suffer more than they have inflicted, be it here or in the afterworld.

  6. Our sentiments exactly Mahid.

  7. Jahatnya...

    Bila baca berita mcm ni, timbul rasa bersyukur - maybe my other half tak perfect but so far boleh bertahan 10 years...

    Kesian pd anak2 yg ditinggalkan but I'm sure they will be showered with love by other members of the family...

  8. Tumpang menziarah..
    AlFatihah untuk arwah. Sedih betul tengok gambar arwah yang ceria disamping anak yang comel. Sedihnya.

    Tak boleh bayangkan kehidupan anaknya selepas ini. Moga-moga mereka membesar sihat dan tabah. Dan moga arwah diberikan ketenangan di sana.


  9. Salam,

    I am a friend of arwah's. I am still in shock and distraught. I feel that I need to write this as therapy. She wanted to see me a few times but never got the chance especially last year. She last posted something on my Fb on 25th Dec, 09. I'd like to say we had a special tie because we were first time mothers going thru the phase together. Looking back, I just have so much respect for her strength and her dedication to give the best for Nurin and Maryam. Moga Allah merahmati rohnya. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

  10. gambar arwah dengan anaknya sangat sweeetttttt....gambar tu menyentuh hati saya, jelas terpancar dari sinar mata arwah seorang ibu yg baik, sayangkan anaknya ...semoga arwah tenang disana dan anaknya mendapat penjaga yg baik dan bertanggungjawab membesarkan mereka dengan penuh kasih sayang..seperti anak sendiri...aminn

  11. assalamualaikum to this is really shocking...just got the news in ABU DHABI...i guess all i want to say is...arwah is a great friend of mine...i was working with her in Unilever...being the youngest there at that time...she was like a big sister to me...with her advise n everything...and she love her children so much...she talks bout them all the time...salam takziah kepada keluarga arwah...i'm sorry for ur lost...ternyata allah lebih menyayangi dia...moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat....


  12. I know Lina when I was in Unilever as well. We have been in contact until her life was taken brutally. She was a great lady and I miss her so much. I am still shocked and can't stop thinking about what has happened to her and also the well being of her two beautiful children. I have 2 kids of about the same ages as they are. Salam takziah to her family and I hope the murderer will be brought to justice. Alfatihah untuk arwah Lina.

  13. Semoga roh allahyarham ditempatkan di kalangan para anbiya dan solihin...sedih mengenangkan anak2nya...

  14. Terima Kasih atas ucapan Takziah yang diterima. Alhamdulillah seperti yang anda sedia maklum, berita penangkapan suspek sedikit melegakan hati kami yang "panas". Tapi perjuangan keadilan kami buat arwah masih lagi jauh...

  15. Was shocked as she was my dear friend from school. How could this monster behaved like 'syaitan' !!! Bless her and hope her daugther are in good hands.

  16. I am shocked and deeply saddened to find out that Lina is physically away from this world. I knew Lina many many years ago. She was a very loving & caring woman and may God blesses her soul and provides all the love that her children will need growing up. I found this out online when reading the Star malaysia news online from North America. Deepest condolences to her family. If I can be of any help, please respond.

  17. My deepest condolences to the family of the late Fazlina Ahmad. She was my class mate through many years in Convent Green Lane. I was shocked to learn only today of her passing as I did not recognize her picture in the paper. All CGL girls in Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore are all in shock today as no one realize except for a handful who knew earlier. My wish is for justice to be served and for the Fazlina's two girls to always be safe and loved.

    Anne Marie Clyde

  18. I kwew Arwah from my Coffee Bean days and went to her wedding in wondering what is the progess on the case? Does anyone here know?

  19. I just know this today is is very very shocked about this . How can her husband did this!!!