Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bersawang sampai big vampire labah-labah

I have managed to make my blog bersawang sampai big vampire labah-labah made it home sweet home...
he he he
Sebut vampire aja all must know what I am thinking kan?

Actually tak plan pun tengok Twilight kat Star World but because of having only ciput dial-up at my parents home I decided to check-it-out

*Aliya covering her face during nearly kiss scene*

So sue me for letting my 9 y/o watch it but I think my PG does account for some credit.

And sue me second time for being 1 tahun lambat in the whole Twilight Fancraze thing.

They say better late then never :)

But actually I have always been a fan of R.Patti since Cedric Diggory and sebelum there was Bella there was Cho Chang :P

Ok. For those lost, a bit of Harry Potter Trivia - In "Goblet of Fire" Cedric Diggory was tied for first place in the Triwizard Tournament with Harry Potter, so the entered the maze and got to the cup which was a Portkey that transported them to the Little Hangleton Graveyard.

Actually He Who Shall Not Named aka Lord Voldemort only wanted Harry Potter so he ordered his right hand man Pettigrew to kill Cedric.

Tu yang dia jadi vampire kut...kekekekekek

But me being me, who do not like crowded cinemas and hate leaving my whole family while I am drooling over vampires and warewolves...I might just wait until New Moon (the next installment after Twilight) comes out on DVD :P

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