Monday, December 28, 2009

Awesome...Mom's Total Coolness 100%

What can I say about AVATAR than hasn't been said by many...
It was a good move to book with Cosmo Theater. I love the seats and it was so comfortable Syasya slept half way through after snuffing herself full of popcorn

I love it when we girls go out together. My total coolness levels just shots up 100%
 Especially when I take them to a mall with an indoor Roller Coaster.

and I got my "performance bonus" when A'aesyah showed how independent she was...

She ate on her own giving me the peace and serenity I deserve to enjoy our bountiful Steamboat dinner.

Of course Kakak (Aliya) holds a chopstick like a doubt about that

I'm just afraid they will be tough cookies who are tough customers like me!


I think the photo says it all...

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  1. kak farah!!bestnye..girls day out =)
    bilela anak sy nk besar nih..hihih

    owh..btw,looking forward for more interesting story from you.
    lately dah tak masuk FB la..kt opis block..ahaks!