Monday, August 03, 2009

Things you dont have...dont mean things you dont have

I'm actually not in the mood to write because of a bugging pain in my toe. Had a small accident while moving funiture to give more space to Smoochy a.k.a Syasya.

Skinned alive. Lucky tak tercabut kuku. It hurts even when I want to clean the blood clot. I'm tall and tall people have long toes!

Why smoochy? - Syasya's way of telling us how she loves us if by giving a low head bow as if to smooch and then wack! a sloppy saliva bite. She seems to enjoy "smooching" everyone now a days.

aaaaaaaaa.....auuuummmmm *bite*

DONT BITE - says kakak

I finished the "karipap" on one of the cotton dresses. Now I regret not buying some cottong for myself.

Busy weekend as my parents came over as they were missing little smoochie Syasya. Smoochy was too excited that she missed her afternoon nap so I was extremely tired by the time mom and dad arrived.

Of course when my parents are over, its like annual leave for them since I usually dont allow any work to be done. They need to sit back and relax.

I received news the same day from DH that he needs to go to Kerteh Sunday. Sometimes I just dont understand how things work in the firm but it bring bread on the table so, I cant complain. But Sunday is supposed to be family day so I'll be kidding myself if I did not go all hulk green inside when I heard the news.

So we decided to spend Sunday at my brother's house in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam since he was alone for the weekend. SIL has gone for company treasure hunt in Malacca.

My brother's crib is really huge and nice, just something I can only dream of. But of course something nice always comes with a price. They dont have kids yet so its only natural to splurge a little here and there. I'm frugal who has a husband who is twice as frugal as me :P Anyway, we are trying our best at our worst. Take only what you need - this is how I keep my head level although sometimes I feel rebellious (you only get to live once and I always have a feeling that I will die before I achieve certain things - my bad)

Ori Man U jersey set occay....dia punya jersey collection sangats ribu raban

My brother also has a kind heart so I understand why he is always blessed with bountiful "rezeki". I guess, he's been places I haven't (he doesnt have a spouse who is busy with work that its impossible to take leave)

Adik goes all his way to make his "super-wifey" happy to the max...alhamdulillah, my mom did a great job of producing a "super-hubby" in her sons.

My brother is also someone who is "ringan tulang". Trust me, he does a lot of things to help out his wife around the house - like cleaning, dish washing, cooking (pandai masak tau dia) & sometimes even does his own laundry wtihout my SIL having to remind him all the time. I think husband who do this, makes up for those things he cannot provide to the wife (tak ada la wife dia rasa unappreacited or terasa if something is always missing in their life)

Smoochy, Kakak and me slept on his king size bed last nite (because their room is the only one with air conditioning and it was too hot for Smoochy to sleep) I can't tell you how MARVELOUS it is to sleep in an air conditioned room on a really hot night (although in my head I was still counting at how much it would cost to put the AC on and to me that would be just toooo much electricity - again frugal me)

So after coming back from his place and my parents, I guess it is only natural for me to feel lost.

I keep telling Kakak a lot of "no"s to her demands lately to the point she said "tapi kakak banyak duit dalam bank" and I replied "you will need that for college ok! money is not everything"

although sometimes my weak heart says, money is everything. It ran through my mind when I was at my brother's house, when I see nice things I want to buy for my children which is sometimes just too expensive.

And then Allah swt gives me a sign - I was watching Halakah on TV9 and the ustaz said how we complain about the PADI and PATI coming in to work and our graduates dont have work at all. He goes to explain how these people are used to the hardships of life that they have no problem living on less - much lesser than me and you. He said, it falls on the parents on what kind of environment we bring up our children in. I may have gone wrong on Kakak that she thinks having a lot of money will solve problems, so am hoping that Smoochy will think that the most importing thing in life is what you have now and not what you dont have.

Because a friend who is an acclaimed MAC make up artist, makes lots of bucks in a year, traveled around suddenly said "MONEY, GUD CAREER, GUD LIFESTYLE IS NOT A GUARANTEE FOR U TO HAVE A HAPPY LIFE. THE MOST IMPORTANT IS "FAMILY". DAT'S D ONLY WAY U CAN FEEL HAPPY IN WHTEVER U DO IN UR LIFE...y now I realize dat since after past 8yrs I,ve been very selfish to myself. I'm so sorry. I 'LOVE' all of u...:("

and my adik who is murah rezeki in terms of harta dunia is still not blessed with kids...

Home is where home is. I realize I missed home the next morning.

Buruk macamana pun, home is where the heart is. We still have food on the table without a miss, so alhamdulillah we're not doing that bad. So I slap myself hard so I am grounded.

It's not what nice things that fills the house that I miss most. It's the people in it when they are not around...DH, Abah, Mama, Adik-adik, Kakak...

p/s saya nak p melayan perasaan dan makan es-krem dalam tub :P


  1. My thumb accident; terkepit pintu kereta. Still blue black but less pain.

    As someone who does not have kids to call me Mom, Ibu, Mama, I can say this "we dont miss what we dont have". Friends & relatives always kesian kat we all which we dont understand why coz me and hubby are blessed to have each other. To complain/ bersedih bermakna tak bersyukur dgn apa yg Allah bg so far...

  2. Kak Emy : Betul la kata Kak Emy tu. Kadang-kadang kita tak bersyukur dengan apa yang ada kan?

  3. Allah telah tetapkan ujian pada setiap hambanya bergantung kekuatan yang mereka ade. And Allah takkan berikan ujian pada hambanya yang tidak mampu untuk menanganinya.

    I donot mind live in a kayu house tetapi biarlah i bahagia dgn suami dan anak2 i sekarang. Sebab kalau kita kaya mana pu tapi hidup dibelenggu masalah hutang piutang ocntohnya takkan ke mana. And summore rather lagi kita kaya kadang lagi kita leka dan alpa pada 'tanggugjawab' kita padanya.

    So, bersederhana lebih baik dan mengajar kita selalu pandang ke bawah. Tengok saja org2 kaya yang ade di pub, disco, apa guna kalau kaya masuk pub and then dia tigat nk tunaikan tanggungjawab pada allah? Cam mana kita nk evaluate kebaikan dan pahala dia?

    Kalau saya diberi peluang, saya pilih hidup saya sekarang. Suami belikan rumah untuk keselesaan anak2 dan saya. Makan pakai yang cukup. Mmg kadng kala saya mengeluh. But I wud say my habi mcm adik u juga. pandai buat kerja rumah dan memasak tanpa saya suruh. Cuma kadang kita pompuan ni nak yang perfect. Dia dha buat tai pada mata kita tak cukup lagi kan. Itu lah manusia. Tak puas.

    Be happy with what u have dear. Anak2 yang comel insyallah dimurahkan rezki akan dtg. Dapat ang diidamkan.
    Tapi bukan senang kita nk senang. Dan bukan susah kita nk susah.

    Renung2kan lah..

  4. Bhulat : :)

    Rose : Terima kasih Rose kerana menyedapkan hati saya. Nak ngangis pun ada baca apa Rose tulis. Beruntung ada suami yang macam tu kan Rose?