Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good Housewife Tips #3 - Cleaning Oscillating Fans

Hello. Today I am sharing another housewife tip which is useful for those who would like to conserve energy by SWITCHING off the air conditioning and using the stand or table fan instead.

Do you know that in Italy and even in San Diego, some hotels do not have air conditioning and they have the ceiling fans or oscillating desk fan instead? This is because they dont have summer all year round like us and thus some local folks welcome the summer heat ;)

Just like the malay saying "Alah bisa tegal biasa".

As you know, we have been hit by bad haze recently and little do we notice that dust gathers very quickly. This is the reason why, after switching your fan to the max, it still does not provide suficent coolness to your living space.

Now every oscillating fan be it desk, table or stand have different clips. Some may be hard to open, some may be easy peasy.

This one I am attempting, I have a grudge with sometimes :P

REMEMBER : Switch off and unplug the fan from the power supply.

Open the front cage that protects you from the blades.

This is the secret weapon I use to clean dust all over the house. These are cheap, around RM10 and they smell nice unlike the ones from TESCOs. They dry faster which is essential as this will protect your fan from any short circuit due to moisture.

Place the front cage onto an old newspaper to gather the particals and dust that falls when you wipe it with the baby wipes

Ugly right? The good thing about the wipes is that the dust becomes wet and does not fling or fly around which can cause serious health problem.

Next, turn the cap attaching the blade and the back cage anti clockwise (blue line). It will always go against the turning of the blade (in this case the blade turns clockwise - red line)

Clean the surface of the blade carefully. You may also use newspaper to wipe the moisture off or to buff the blades (you can also use damp old newspaper to clean mirrors, sliding doors and windows. The chemicals in the old newspaper somehow helps to give them a gleaming finish)

To clean the back cage, you have to open a second cap attached, right behind the blades.

Clean the back cage the same as you would clean the front cage.

Once done, attach the parts carefully again. Be sure to attach the blade according to the small pin that is attached to the motor.

The fan is clean and ready to be used.

You may also add Ambi Pur Fan Perfume (only around RM7)

I personally recommend this as it helps to provide a fresh scent to your room using your oscillating fan. I dont attach it to the fan all the time, just when I know I might have guest coming over ;)

Hope this was handy. However, since this is an electrical appliance, please be extra careful handling this (I will not be responsible for any death or injury or damage as a result of following this tutorial)


  1. hahah, i thought i was the only mom who uses the butt wipes on everything! and i use it on EVERYTHING, ok? puas hati! and i use FIFFY brand coz 2 botol + 1 refill is only about RM17.00 plus it is soooo soft and ada aloe and no alchohol and smells nice. tried diff brands and some of them sampai melecet privates anak i.

  2. lisha : LOL dont we all moms do that :) eh but 17 for 2 botols plus one refill is a bargain..must try next time. Sya doesnt use much wipes except for travelling. I terpaksa rajin bawa pi toilet untuk cebok just to prepare her...coz by 18 months its toilet training time (hopefully)

  3. After this come to my house clean my fans ye... dah berhabuk 10 inci tuh... orang bujang ler katakan...

  4. Huggy : Satu kali mari cuci u punya rumah RM50 juga bayar (kiddin ha ha ha)

  5. arwen still cebok kat toilet. butt wipes tu just to wipe off the shit (pardon my language) before hantar her for cebok (usually my hubby or mom will help me sebab i tak larat and tak berani nak angkat dia masuk toilet. takut terlepas). and also for wiping everything else. kencing je tak pakai butt wipes.

  6. i bawak basuh kat sinki atau kat dlm bilik air guna sabun basuh pinggan :D

  7. err.. wipe butt and wet tissue tu sama tak? coz i use wet tissue as face make up remover... and sometimes to clean my leptop and handphone... kipas pun boleh ye... hehhehehhehe sungguh tak snagka