Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The wheel on the tower go round and round

After Jasin, DH said it would be cool to drop by Bandar Hilir. He had always wanted to ride that huge big wooden ship manument we keep seeing in Malacca so I said, heck why not.

Bandar Hilir is currently where most of the historical sites of Malacca are.

After driving like mad with no directions (Malacca is signboardless!@) we managed to ease ourselves by luck near the Taming Sari Tower.

note : whenever you park your car near Bandar Hilir, please buy coupons for parking. The town council officials are notorious, I felt bad for those "outstationed" registration plate cars I saw that got summons from them and I for one am glad my nagging made sense! (DH said...weekend mana ada orang charge parking...YA RIGHT!)

Menara Taming Sari is the First Revolving “Gyro Tower” in Malaysia. This 360 degree viewing towermade of Swiss technology stands tall at 110 meter. Located in Bandar Hilir just opposite the Samudera Museum and in Dataran Pahlawan, was designed based on the legendary Taming Sari Keris, used by the Malay legendary warrior Hang Tuah.

It will cost you RM20 for a ride but folks with mykad will only need to pay RM10 (feuwh!)

There are also Binoculars for rent...though I doubt it was necessary, so we skipped this.

Frankly I'm a sucker for rides therefor its only natural for me to become the "monkey who's had too much coffee" this time around.

What more the view was MARVELOUS.

and for someone who is into details, this was a great chance for me to capture some art.

I was a bit perplexed on why there was a swimming pool next to the Tower Complex. Actually the tower was built on the town's public tennis court.

It was a 7 minutes ride and Syasya was such an angel...like always.

Actually, I think it was the aircondition that did the trick as always :P

Part 3 tomorrow - of rickshaws (or is it trishaws?) and a huge BOAT.


  1. omg dear....u took nice pics lar, jeles yg amat then rajin nyer u siap edit2. u guna photoshop ker edit?

    n as usual, sya looks so cute, muah for the cutest girl

  2. Sue :
    As usual la..kes takde keje cari keje kat rumah.
    Yes, using Photoshop CS4
    I'm a self taught artist...kena rajin practice.

    Syasya says muah auntie sue back..nak muah micah takleh...MALUUUU

    wait for the next installment eh...more pics to come