Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What legacy do you leave your children?

I was adding the finishing touches to the girls baju kurung for Eidul Fitri when it dawned upon me that Aliya recently has been showing some traits I had when I was her age.

I loved to make clothes for my dolls and I loved to draw people with gowns and dresses I would design myself. My mother usually would comment (after finding my secret stashed somewhere in my bedroom), I'ld make a fine fashion designer one day, when she saw those drawings.

Aliya has been showing the exact same behavior. However, she has been really blessed and fortunate that I need to remind her how lucky she is sometimes.

I only had a rough sketch book. She has her own PC to draw these. You can also clearly see the improvements as she ages a year older..

At 7 years old...

8 years old...

9 years old...

This is using paint.exe. I am currently going to teach her to scan some anime she has drawn and maybe use Adobe Illustrator to color them.

So I paused from my stitching and said to DH - one of these days I have to hand this "seni halus" of sewing my own baju kurung to Aliya, just like my mother did with me.

Mom has been eying on a small sewing machine from Korea (I think TESCO featured it in one of their publication - you know those flyers that tell you whats on sale?) And you-know-who she's going to spoil it on la...(I wish my brothers would have kids already..kesian la mak cucu dua orang je when she has so much love for her grandkids he he he)

Then it dawn on me again...I have two girls. Pray to Allah swt A'aesyah who loves to eat will LOVE to cook ;)

so I can dream that later in life, I don't have to slave myself in the kitchen so much LOL


What legacy do you leave your children?


  1. make me wonder, actually..what do i leave for them? Since quiting work, been such a bum, there are things not materialise yet..haish..taking it one step ata time. But sewing? Tak pandai la..kalau cross stitch and tapestry boleh la..

  2. Farah,

    Ida is right la oh my.

    My mom thought me to cook rice since 7 years old, and so many other things since she was a working mom.

    Except from an extensive potrayal of mood swing and weird behaviour when protesting something, i dun think ada yg berbaloi that can be regarded as legacy.

    Better start la.

    Anyway, ur dotter is very talented lah dear, can see an artist in the making eh, just like her Mommy

  3. Girls...girls

    Ida : I'm sure you will leave a legacy of "gifted for writing"

    DR : your kids ARE your legacy :)

  4. i pun sama la mcm ida and dr tuh...*sigh* nama je SAHM..dah 6 tahun..habuk je ada :((

  5. Lyana : Alah, tak payah komen already wrote you're leaving a legacy of gentlemen who will respect women at all cost...habuk ja kunun...modest la you ni