Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ooohh those JLo glasses mum...

Running through some old photos I noticed there was somebody I could never always match up to, in terms of fashion.

Believe it or not its my mak datin mom.

When DH was the newest member of the family, he always seemed confused and frequently asked where mom was going.

"No where..."
"But she's all dressed and dolled up"
"That's her being her dear..."

You can always spot her in the old photos at school, at the teaching college.
..the flawless one in the blazer :)

I'm sure there were also hairspray packed together during that first holiday I took to Cameron Highlands...he he he

I guess she mastered a French chignon before I was even born!

But maybe she was lucky. She had two assistants, one who cooks, does the cleaning and another who was my nanny. Nowadays its a luxury to have one maid let alone two maids huh?

My favorite dress that I often see her wearing in the retro family photos is the moss green, chiffon sleeves and adorn with a set of white pearls. This really reminds me of Grace Kelly.

I also wished she had kept those JayLo glasses. What an asset that would be right?

My mom was a hot mama...I wish I was :P
(She's the lady on the left yg macam bintang pilem tu)


  1. wow... everyone of us would kill for a mother like yours! hehe...
    regards to her.. She rocked! and i am definitely sure she still does!!

  2. yeah..really hot mama..
    kalau duk sebelah sharifah aini zmn ni,sure die lg mengancam you!!

  3. wow, terpersona daku...
    vogue lah ur mom... :)

  4. gorgeous..fashionista. macam audrey hepburn pun ada juga. betullah betullah!

  5. I remember jumpa your mom a few times at TNB's events. Really a hot mama. My husband kata ada one time he met her, dia suruh panggil Kak Zah. Sporting giler.

  6. Mahid : I knew u'ld say that LOL

    Dilla : Of course..my mom tak
    cucuk botok or vit C so she still looks good :P

    K.yong : he he thanks

    huzairiyah : Audrey??? wow...

    Principal : Oh?