Friday, July 10, 2009 Part II

Yesterday I wrote about cheap, readily available, sometimes even FOC and most importantly DELICIOUS stuff we could get around the house during our long stay in the village with my parents while DH works his butts off on a oil rig.

..this is also something from the backyard and FOC waiting to be turned into fried babana fritter balls – cucur pisang panas!

I cannot deny that things are different with us when we are here instead of the big city.

Although there is sadness in her my daughters’ faces since its been nearly a week now that DH has gone off without a phone call, Syasya I guess is the one mostly affected. She calls out “da-da??” every now and then and I would say “Dada work”. As if by magic everything is still...she is still.

But having her sister around and my cousins & the children my aunt babysits coming over ever so often provides good socializing skills foundations for her.

A bit of a show-off at first and giving her famous japanese- cheshire-cat grin (eyes wide shut and a huge cheshire cat grin on her face), she welcomes all them with a high pitch laughter cum scream in excitement.

But kakak Liya is quick to soothe and calm her down before she turns into a monkey who’s just had too much coffee :P

However, I notice she only has that enthuasm with the girls and gives a mean stare at that hot looking dude next door... 2 y.o cousin Amirul - hencum kan? calls my mom " Ngah..."

Infact my mom and Liya have been great help and I’ve had days when I could just sit back.

Especially when Syasya has her tantrums from her “too much Mommy in her face” syndrome.

So, basically am doing pretty good and ok...

...with the exception of my uncle’s cow giving me the evil eye for taking paparazzi photos of her :P

We experienced 2 days of heavy rain since Sunday the 5th so the nights have been extra cold that I dont need to turn the AC up or even on. But getting laundry dried is always a challenged in these weather. Well, everything has its pros and cons.

I do however enjoy the occasional breeze while I laze on the patio and just hear the brusling of the coconut leaves in the distance.

The aches of green land that surrounds our family lot (we have 4 familys in one huge lot with a bridge for an entrance) is a feast for my eyes. My dad currently is busy building his commodity at the back – palm trees for palm oil.

DH is supposed to come back from offshores today. We wont be back in KL until Sunday, that is if he comes back on schedule. For the mean time, this is home now...which is far better. I am sure that I would be all alone and depressed in our home in KL if I had decided not to go back.

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  1. Syasya comel!
    good to see you and the kinds enjoy every single moments di kampung. tiba-tiba miss kampung juga. padahal dah balik last 2 weeks..hemm