Thursday, July 02, 2009


Remember I wrote in my previous posting that The Gosselins are getting a divorce?

Even since a 2006 Discovery Health documentary about the Gosselins, the family has lived their life in the media spotlight.

My mom and myself have been an ardent fans since the sixtuplets were 2. We marveled at Kate's choices of disciplining the kids but cringe when she was nasty comments.

Although I was shocked to hear about them separating and getting a divorce (proceedings have started), I am not at all surprised. I can see that Jon has a LOT of bottled up feelings.

But when everything "dalam kelambu" is out in the open, the media gets very nasty sometimes.

I can't imagine the kids googling their parents one day when they are big and find these :

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Kate Gosselin's Greatest Meltdowns |

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  1. i tak pernah tgk cerita ni..just tgk gmbr they all yg org forward kat email...*sigh*

    hey bila nak pick up 2 awards yg i kasi u tu??