Monday, May 04, 2009

Attempting the Impossible

The Curios Case of Sewing a Button Hole.
I am dipping my hand into dangerous waters...but for Sya I will..

I did another dress for her. This I call the patchwork peasant girl dress. Mom taught me how to cut fabric for a 40s inspired rock and roll skirt which I did with this one.

Weather so crazy hot these days, cotton can be heaven.
We went to TESCO's EXTRA in Shah Alam later.
Saw some crazy storm clouds. Very something from TWISTER you know.
I took this with my camera phone

OK. I've put the fullproof vest on. Fingers cross I dont muck up the button hole too much.


  1. comelnyeeeee.. nice dress anyway.. boleh order? hahahaha

  2. Kathy

    Hu Hu...segan la. Bagi makcik perfectokan dulu seni jahitan baru boleh. La ni masih ada yang senget benget sikit