Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Legend Island - Coming Home

Our Family Holiday came to an end on Saturday.

Datuk said must pack early coz we will be taking an early ferry back to Kuala Perlis.

I didnt have time to take photos of the Jetty Point the time we arrive, so the opportunity was taken when Datuk sent back the car.

Everything here starts to remind me of home.

And even with shopping done by Datin the evening before our bags werent that much compared others (They said they wanted to go out to find I was left with the kids...ghupe2nya Mak Datin pergi sopping sakan dgn Datuk...she even bribe me to bring some kain batik LOL)

Kakak gladly jadi porter for a day LOL

We also were glad there was Bread Story to buy breakfast to eat on the ferry

I noticed that Hj Ismail group ni kat mana-mana ada

Waiting room kat Jeti Kuah was faaaaaaaaaar out better than in Kuala Perlis...

We took a smaller and faster ferry...Datin was not amused...

The children seemed a bit sad though to leave the Island....I hope they had fun

Some more pics of the kids........

We were a bit confused since there was no announcement. The Ferry had docked at the Kuala Kedah part of the Jetty. Tapi typical la kan Malaysia.

Sya was not amused...LOL

There are only two rows of seats on the Bahagia 18

Ferry ni kecik Datin amat takut bila ferry bergoyang-goyang

To encourage Kakak, asked her to take photos for me since she was by the window...which turn out GREAT...ada talent nampaknya. Proud of you Kakak!

Sampai Kuala Perlis....I had my mind set up

Kuah Rojak & those manggo mesti di borong!!

We had lunch there and I had the best ever ikan keli bendang goreng. Takde bau hanyir langsung!

Everyone was tired during the drive down to KL, especially me.

This is where I went to school....SP

So once in a while adalah orang tu SENTAP dgn mak dia..

"Talk to the hand"

Tapi hati perempuan kan lembut....

Baby Sya tak banyak meragam...which is good. Actually dapat susu 6oz senyap la dia...


I managed to follow my mother's footsteps in bringing my kids on their first holiday (Kakak was in KT and that's when she first stood up).

Baby Sya turn 7 months and her characters are OVERFLOWING....lots of babbling now.
(Makcik spotting a TWIGGY HAIRDO here, I might leave the fridge longer...LOL)

All in all...we are already planning our next holiday in June - Kakak's Birthday

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  1. Hi Faye,

    The last time we went to Langkawi, we flew there, naik ferry p balik Kuala Perlis, lepas tu pegi Padang Besaq, balik naik train ke KL..masa tu Ben was just 8 months..but best giler.