Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kampung is Where the Heart Is

I was walking up the stairs yesterday and started counting my age.
I am 34 but DH is 4 years younger than me so he's 30. It will be 15 years before he retires. This means he still has 15 years to make things right LOL

I think the reason I came to that was because when I visited my parents last, I woke up early to breathe the fresh air and took a long morning walk.

My dad did a good job of clearing the back garden to make way for palm trees for palm oil production.

As you know, the state of Johor has peaty soil which is good for agriculture. I grew up basically with fresh vegetation and until now I enjoy it most.

This is also the reason why I cant wait until we retire and I personally told my parents I would want to live in the kampong and dad hinted that the house will be ready for me if I am admant about it.

My parent's house is on the far right. This is only one third of how our back yard. Two thirds will be used for palm plantation.

DH has no complaints as well as he is so looking forward to breathe in fresh air and soft sweet serene, after growing up in urban areas himself.

Who doesn't want free organic bananas now and then? This is Pisang Montel for Sya's baby food my dad ask to bring back

Pisang Montel or Cavendish bananas as its commonly known range from approximately 15–25 cm. However the tree is very very low in height, hence the name "montel" which means cute. The seeds were given by my Auntie. My dad calls this Pisang A'aesyah after my daugther's name since she loves this. Everything is organic. No pesticide sprayed what so ever. Even the chickens are freerange here.

As we took our morning walk and watched in awe (actually my kids did) as their breaths misted the air (due to the cold), I keep wondering how long will it be for me to be in such serenity every single day.


  1. Baby Sya is indeed very lucky to enjoy those organic pisang montel. Ean loves his pisang montel too, tho' we got ours from the local store la.

  2. Wow, Faye..I simply luv kampung for its serenity. When I saw ur pic of the coconut trees, my heart cries out to be in a kampung.

    I love the pic of the back path tu...cantik la, setanding dgn gambo kat oversea..

    OH yes, age ain't nothing but numbers...biaq umauq byk but young at heart, that really matters!

    Hey, i heard u have opted a new profession, ye..SAHM, cool woman! We need to meet up at paint KL red..anything, just ring me, ok..016-9930946

  3. Iza : Next time we have some extra pisang motel organic from my hometown, I'll be sure to drop you a line (we're moving to SJ..think it will be closer to you)

    Ida : Of Course!! But like Lyana says..tengah sibuk otak berwing wong wing wong coz I have to get stuff moved from the old house to the new. Thats the reason pun pindah...closer to hubby's work place. Jotted the number. I'll sms soon K.