Sunday, March 08, 2009

I need help to decide...

My good college mate Yaya gave me a buzz last week. It was more like a wake up call. "Allah is asking you to take it slow. Take it as a blessing".

I read somewhere today that if you're not happy at home, then you're not happy at work...which is true. My heart aches everytime I have to stir Sya from her slumber and bring her along on the ride to work when I have to take that wee hour morning shift at 3am.

I spoke to my mom today and broke down. I know she's the last person on earth who wants to hear my decision on becoming a SAHM.

But if my hubby is fully supportive of this decision, why should I be so hesitant.

Then I came across this article : Should You Be a Stay-at-Home Mom? By Soni Sangha. "Ask yourself these 7 questions to help you determine if being a stay-at-home mom is right for your personality and your family's needs."

1. Can You Miss the Milestones?
I cried the whole night when my babysitter texted me and said Sya could sit up right. So, thats definately a NO

2. How Sociable Are You?
I keep to myself at work, mind my own business, take lunch alone most of the time and go back without waiting on anyone.

3. Do You Have a Strong Support Network?
My BFF is a SAHM. We talk on YM all the time. Need I say more?

4. What Is Your Financial Situation?
It costs us RM450 to send Sya to the sitters.

The babysitter is in Ampang and she is the best - I need not say more. When we move to Subang, the routine is hubby sends me to work, then sends Sya to sitters and then go to work. Later afternoon he drives from Subang - Ampang - to Subang again. With traffic congestion and time spent on travelling that is not only petrol money waisted but quality time.

If my DH goes outstation, we would have to book a cab for me to go to work (coz I am in no medical condition to drive) and Sya has to stay overnight at the sitters (which I always feel guity of)

There is no need for work and travel expenses for me if I decide to quit.

We'll be moving to my parents house which is 10 minutes from my hubby's workplace. (we've saved RM850 on rent, and more petrol money...oh yes hubby saves lunch money as well)

5. Can You Be the Disciplinarian?
"...filling this role means that you will be home to make sure whatever values and discipline or positive reinforcement strategy you believe in is followed."

I'll always filled those shoes.

6. Will You Be Able to Give Up "Me" Time?
The only "Me" Time I enjoy usually involves the computer and the internet.
I hardly wear make up. I buy nice clothes for work purposes only. I'm not a big fan of blings blings.

7. Would It Be Hard to Return to the Workplace?
If you're willing to take a breather on your career, consider this: many moms who stayed home until their kids went to school picked up new careers that fit their family lifestyle much better and made them much happier than their original work.

...I spoke to my mom and she asked me to find something I can work from home.

"membangun negara bukan semestinya bekerja makan gaji dengan kerajaan tapi lebih penting dengan memberikan asas yang teguh yang bermula dari rumah dengan menjaga, mendidik dan mengawasi anak-anak supaya membesar menjadi generasi akan datang yang memiliki ciri-ciri positif dan berwibawa - jika anak-anak sudah dijaga oleh amah-amah yang asal beres saja, yang menuruti segala kehendak anak tersebut asal ia aman, yang lahir nanti ialah generasi yang manja makan disuapi berak dicuci" SEORANG SUAMI, SEORANG ISTERI DAN BEBERAPA ORANG ANAK
I'm just scared that it will be the worst decision I have ever made.

But if its a decision to become a better wife and mother...would I not have Allah swt blessing?

help me decide....

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  1. kak farah...
    ape2 pun decision yg dibuat, moga2 buleh buat kak farah n family happy.
    itu je yg paling penting...

    sy teringin nk jadi SAHM, tp kewangan masih lom mampu utk kami wat decision camtu... huhu..
    hopefully ada rezeki lebih nanti buleh jd SAHM...