Sunday, February 01, 2009

Could this be???

Of late, there is a "penunggu" infront of my apartment. Not the type that make the hairs at the back of your neck raise but the one I was telling about in my previous post. Remember the statement my mother made about cats having this inner instinct?

She comes every morning and I dunno heck where she sleeps at night. But she always does.

Tak takut orang pulak tu?

But when I look at her, she's a definate DIVA in the feline community.

Telinga panjang runcing...

Mesmerizing cat eyes....

Posing ala-ala supermodel...

Manja ala Paris Hilton...

And of late Cik Paris Hilton versi kucing ini sudah very the berani to step foot into the house. Siap duduk santai nih!

My mom said that cats hate penyapu when I grab the penyapu lidi to sapu..naturally she speeds off leaving my puzzeled.

Oh well...even cats also knows their boundaries kut cause she is still cautios when she steps into the house. Not going further than she should.

The odd thing is she looks BUNTING. Ni macam kes JUNO je...da kena knocked up, kena halau lak...

Or maybe...could this be IRIS's mom???????????


  1. Beautiful thing! Chomelnye dia.. In that case, namakan la dia JUNO!

  2. suspen lah u..but the kucing very comel la...