Friday, January 16, 2009

Have Patience...will work..

Venting again dear old are my litul corner where I crumple myself into a ball and sulk.

My blogger friend Ida said I quote "have patience.."

I was bombarded at work again. Normal la...namanya consultant..dealing with people's finanches..arent you playing with fire? And ppl think its a glamourous job becoz the pay is good and you get to fling your platinum card yada yada yada

I masih dok rumah sewa dan bawak kete national ottay!

But anyway..I was bombarded at work again.

Actually I already wrote a long posting...but it would be unprofessional for me to post it. CCO says kenot say bad things about the place u work in or the ppl in it. They also say I kenot comment on Gaza status. Allah swt je la tau dalam hati camne dilemma I sekarang...mungkin sebab tu Dia beri petunjuk dalam bentuk dugaan yang di terima sejak kebelakangan ini - Rasullullah swt pernah di baling najis bukan dahulu...and he did nothing - sabar.

because patience THUS HAVE its rewards....Ida you're right

As I walked (more like stomped out of office) today....this girl approached me

"akak nak?...tell you wat...akak have kids at home right?"

Masya Allah! I HEART SNICKERS? Our God works in mysterious way....Alhamdulillah

p/s kena check bar code dia start with 69***(wink at Kikuri)
Nasib baik...kalo tak memang dugaan lagi kut!

pp/s I found out that my pay was already in when HR said it would be on Monday...must remember to visit the cash depost machine and make out something to the below

Cheque payable to MERCY MALAYSIA
CIMB Account No : 1424-000-6561053


  1. good to know that all is getting ok..get urself a treat, dear..since gaji pun dah masuk..go for an outing or simply stay at home, i think it is more rewarding..

  2. Darling Farah, thanks for reminding me abt that CIMB account ;p

    hope you'll feel much better abt work soon.

  3. ida :

    Thanx ida...there's a thought kan?

    Sofia :

    Sure...chocolate always works for me

  4. Salam K. Fay...
    *Wink* back!

    Hmm... i oso believe that God works in the most mysterious way... and i oso believe that good things come to those who wait. So, takpelaa... sabor jelaaa..

    Thanks for the acc no!