Thursday, April 30, 2009

Projek Baik Punya - Itty Bitty Baby Dress Made By Rae

Dulu lepas habis sekolah rendah, I memang bercita-cita nak masuk kelas perdagangan kat Main Convent. Tak main la SRT, apa barang belajar masak-masak dan jahit-menjahit.

Tapi entah macamana, Datuk paksa gak ambik SRT (Sains Rumah Tangga). Sangat la POMPUANGS kan bunyinya.

Tapi sejak takde pendapatan tetap ni kan (kes kes kes) maka banyak memikirkan alternative lain untuk berjimat cermat.

Dulu masa kelas jahit SRT, sumpah tak pernah dengar apa cikgu cakap. Badan aje kat kelas...tapi minda pi tang lain. Lepas tu I can across this really cute summer dress pattern online. Tak payah pun nak kecoh jahit tepi (selalu bab tu yang membuatkan projek menjahit I tergendala).

Maka dengan lemah lembut I mintak budi baik Datin pinjam mesin jahit....

Maka berselerak semula la peti ajaib ku heh heh heh...tapi kali ini bukan untuk buat hantaran. Buat baju anak!

Huh..sure Datuk bangga nye lah!

pada sesiapa yang nak pattern dress ni boleh ke sini :

more about the Itty Bitty Dress dari sini :


One day...I'm gonna find her some pink gumball hairbands and a peach t-shirt to match.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Way Thru a Hubby's Heart is Tru His Stomach

DH celebrated his 30th Birthday yesterday.

We didnt have time to get a cake and all since we were going around town to get stuff done.
DH susah nak dapat cuti this time of the year and bercuti on your birthday was a good excuse to get leave.

Since he was willing to sacrifice his lunch today to take me to the bank due to an ATM park-up, I decided to suprise him with a little something.

It was also a good chance for me to try the new cooking toy bought from Carefour (3 size heart shape cookie cutter).

At least he can have his lunch while waiting for me...a wife's gotta do what a wife should do no?

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My Mum the TEACHER

I never took note of how old my mom was until we attended a wedding last Sunday.

The wedding invitation actually came from my father's work collegue as well as best friend when he was the HEP for Politeknik Ungku Omar Ipoh.

The bride was my mother's ex student - in primary 6. Sometimes I envy my mother for having good looks and not a day old...she still looks as if she's in the late 40s (she's in her mids 60 actually)

It must be something to do with having a good heart and mind. She never talks bad about people, follows strictly her prayers and duties as a muslim.

But in secret, she is of Royal Blood. My great great grandfather was of Keraton blood from Tanah Jawa. He fled to Malaysia to run away from the royalty hyped life and changed his name to a commoner. We didnt know this until one of my aunties got "sick" and another had problems giving birth (apparently the baby wanted to be born in a yellow cloth surrounding). The same auntie also found one of the royal family heirlooms - a small keris inside her "tong beras" which the "orang alim" said would be hidden. You see, when my great great grandfather came to Malaysia he did what we say as "buang daulat" and all those royal family heirlooms went into hiding (or ghaib). They are only to be found by certain family members after certain generations.

Sometimes its hard for someone like me to believe in such things but because as most people know royals have this so called "penjaga" - I've had a few incidents that boogles my mind. Once when I was sleeping in mid afternoon when I was pregnant, someone shouted at my ear and I felt a slap on my face. When I woke up...there was no one in the living room and the azan zohor was heard. Mom said - serves me right to be sleeping during times we consider as "bad" and the slap was a reminder to not miss my solat.

Even when one of us is in trouble or sick...a faint whisper would come to my mother's ear and she would call us out of the blue.

Hard to believe....even for myself...somehow its true.

But whatever it glad that my great great grandfather changed his name. If not, I might have been called something like Gusti Putri Raden Ajeng Retno Dumilah and am sure they would have made fun of my name in school :P

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mama is the word!!

I am suprised that she can do both Cilup Ba and Peekabo...she's bilingual alright!

I am more suprised that she says Mama first!

and she's only 8 Months!@!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ikan Bakar Cencaruku Membawa Dia Pulang

I noticed these days that DH tends to forget the simplest of things.

I cooked my usual chicken rice the other day and as if it was the first time he had it, he asked me where I got the recipe. Duh?

I cooked ikan bakar cencaru and sayur kacang buncis goreng with eggs yesterday and he said the same thing. Duh?

Its not the first time I cooked them. Certainly not the second. But DH approached them like it was the first.

He later told me yesterday that he was actually in Putrajaya for a site visit in the morning and his boss had offered to buy him lunch. Instead he said “I nak balik lunch sebab my wife masak”. I am TOTALLY suprised. Compared to my simple ikan bakar and sayur kacang buncis goreng with eggs , he could have had some uptown first class lunch with the boss.

Then I remembered what my mum used to said before, “air tangan isteri makes your husband remember home dan membawa suami pulang”.
I havent cooked as much as I did when I worked, infact I never had time to do many things for him. This was certainly a wake up call for me as DH seemed more calmer than usual, takde la nak fire-fire kat I tak tentu pasal macam dulu – maybe stressed from work at the office, mengadap traffic jam and balik pulak kena beli makan kat luar for us (those days I only cook during the weekends or when I am on leave)
Would it have changed if I had the maid? I dont think so, I would still cook...kalau maid yang buat semua takut dia ingat kat maid aje! My mom had a few helpers in her time but she did most of the cooking.

Talking about Chicken Rice, I thought it would be nice to share my chicken rice sambal recipe.

Here goes...
Cili merah (6 biji)
Bawang putih (3 ulas)
Halia tua (1 inci)
Air rebusan ayam (1/2 cawan)
Minyak bijan (1 sudu kecil)
Air dari perahan satu biji lemon
Gula (2 sudu kecil)
Garam (secukup rasa)
Semua bahan2 di atas diblend sampai hancur. If you have microwave, put in for about 2minutes. If not cook over slow fire until boil.

And talking about boss...kat rumah ni pun ada sorang lagi "boss" I have to attend to.

"Don't Mess With Me..."

Weather so hot these days...pagi ni kena let her bottom breathe sikit...tu yang seksi sangat ni He He He. Baby loves Farleys Orange.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I love most about staying at home

Finally had time to brush up my photography skills again.

Baby Sya in turning out to be one heluv of model LOL

Here are my favourite works so far...

Let the photos do the talking eh?

Friday, April 17, 2009


These days I find myself sitting peacefully waiting for hubby to come home for lunch, muching on my fav traditional "jajan" Opak-Opak and sipping on some nice hot milo.

I am forever glad and feel blessed NOW that I do not have any screaming, shouting, cursing or even cynical and sarcastic clients (the cynical and sarcastic ones are the worst) lashing at me and asking me why has the previous week payments have not been credited, especially on a long weekend like last Easter.

On my last day, frankly all I wanted was to shout back but then I would be no better than those who think you can get anything by making a mockery out of yourself...especially if you are hiding behind a telephone. Note to self : be kind to ASTRO call centre REPS as I need to make a change of address (even if they keep screwing it up after 3 conservative calls :P)

However I do notice that as I am busy cleaning cobwebs, I have totally left my blog with them. I am still trying to arrange, stack, clean...these days I am suprised to find myself holding one of those static cloths in one hand and Mr Muscle on the other and find myself standing in the middle of my living room, pondering on what I was supposed to do. There is just SO MUCH on my list and there is so little time to do it. I pray this will be the last move and settle permanently in Subang until I grow old (but I doubt it...I have this funny feeling in my funny bone that it may not be as with the case of having an oil and gas engineer as a husband.

But however nicely I fit in to this new found so called freedom, I still have this urge that people closes to me accept my decision and do not see bad coming from it.

Recently I followed dear hubby to the North, making it possible to visit his eldest brother and in laws in other words. All I can say is, everyone is equally happy that I am no longer paying RM450 for someone to take care of baby sya, that hubby's workplace is 10 minutes away and that we dont have to wake my kids at 3am in the morning to send me instead to work. Hubby has breakfast at home and lunch except for Fridays (my day off I guess :P) so he can make it to Friday Prayers. Surprising today for example, as we had just arrived from Penang (we took of at 5am) I had my MIL's nasi lemak for lunch and tea (hubby had a site visit in west port, klang so lunch at home was out of the question). I am even more surprised that I am eating less because I am too tired and yet I do not sulk at night because I am tired I have to work tomorrow :P.

Baby Sya however has tested my patience. Coming to 8 months she is more aware now when I leave the room and throws a huge FIT in the cot perfectly using all the air her diaphragm can take which in turns because an ear piercing shriek in between sobs, so house chores need to be done around her schedule and not her working around my schedule. However, Annabel Karmel recipes for weaning has been very successful, we graduated chicken meat with flying colors and oats and prunes seemed to go down well with formula for a good nights sleep without anymore mid night feeds - THANK HEAVENS!!

We're doing chicken noodle soup tomorrow minus the celery and see if she loves pasta just like Aliya. She blabbering like a mak nenek now, her vocabulary however are narrowed down to "ateh" (maybe she's part Perakian like my youngest brother who grew up in Ipoh) and "dah!".

Below is just some snippets of Sya at 7 months...

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Handyman Cares

It felt good today not having that headset on my head and hear people grousing about their problems when I have 101 of mine. And today when at last I am free from the "headset" and could not take anymore of the pathetic site and condition of my washing machine because of the layout of the faucets in my new home (built in the late 70s I am not surprised) I just had to visit that nice chap who owns a hardware store in SS14 10 minutes walk from home.

Now, this shop was as old as my brother I think (29 going 30) but there is a lot of customer service you can learn from this guy that I am ashamed at myself somehow. (because I was PROPERLY trained in one and yet am not sure if he did)

1. Tip No 1 - Always welcome new members of your establishment ;)

The first visit came earlier last two weeks when I needed some new indoor washing lines. He took one good look at me and said "just moved here?" I smiled and said "Yes" and said I wanted some new washing lines.

2. Tip No 2 - Small talk or chat to build rapport.

Mr Handyman asked me if I was renting. I said my dad bought the house when I was five. He said, he bought the house when he was 25 "Nobody wanted to buy houses here right? All that forest behind there. I was so young then but look at me now...SO OLD." he said charmingly and we both burst into laughter.

3. Tip No 3 - Think outside the box.

Now the problem with the water hose of my washing machine was because of the connectors. The previous one was exhausted and broke. That's when the problem occurred. I had to manually use a garden hose to fill in water and had to wait which was not AUTOMATIC anymore now was it!?

When we moved into my father's house, a new problem arouse. The faucets was so far in the toilet. The problem was easily solved with another connector to the faucet but that was not the case. Now the washing machine water hose was not even 1 meter long (washing machine making companies should start thinking that not all customers have faucets that are near!)

During the first visit I had asked this mind boggling problem and Mr Handyman asked me to bring in the washing machine water hose as it was better for him to solve the problem.

Today I happily went there and Mr Handyman gave me a solution that never taught of. Previously we thought that by adding a connector to our garden hose would solve the problem.

Mr Handyman said, the hose will not withstand pressure. If there was someone at home, it would be ok, but what if we weren't? "I'm sure you want the machine to do the work for you even in your sleep" he said.

OMG Mr Handyman must have read the Vatican’s official newspaper, L”Osservatore Romano, who has published a long editorial saying that the washing machine did more to liberate women than the contraceptive Pill. LOL

He asked me if he could cut the hose, add a pressure resisting hose and connect to it straight. I hesitated for a while and said "you know best"

So he cut 2 inches off from the connector of my hose (RIP...sob sob)

And so the other connector to the machine was to be used

Place a long pvc connector inside and connected both the washing machine hose and the pressure resisting hose. He placed 2 secured rings that fitted both (I wouldn't have known the difference).

He then gave me another securing ring for the faucet and other end of the pressure resisting hose "I'll give you one that you can easily open if you want to".

"Now why didn't I think of that" I said and hurried home.

True to testament...Mr Handyman was my HERO for today....for once in 2 months I am able to sit back and relax and write this piece while the machine does its work for me :P

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Young Lady

I wish I was Doremon and had a pocket, pull out a time machine and stop time so my daughters will be stay babies forever...

I miss this one the most today...this was when she was she's 9 and talks Miley Cyrus 24/7 (eyes rolling)...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Kalau my own 7 month old daughter boleh fenin tengok keadaan rumah...

Inikan pula mak dia...

Tapi hakikatnya...the whole family has shifted to my parent's vintage house in SS14 Subang Jaya. (My father bising sebab nanti rumah kosong since my brother dan SIL da pindah Anjung Kristal di Shah Alam)

Seksaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kalau nak mengemas bila da pindah...

Ini gambar sebelum perabut2 sampai...haiz

Sampai kepala pun semak tak tahu nak tulis apa...

Tunggu rumah beres dulu eh? I cant think until my house is in order...and I have to work until next week...MENCI!!