Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lena di tepi tasik

Mulai sekarang dikenali sebagai Syasya. Nama glamer la kut...

Kalau da nak tido, tak kisah. Dok mana2 pon leh tido. Dalam kete suatu kemestian. AC masyuk katakan.

Tapi teman si bruang ni tak leh lupa....as you can see teddy itew da pandai enter frame.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nak rambut macam kakak...


Sarapan Apa Kita Pagi Ni? - The KL Dosai a.k.a Thosai

Kalau tanya suami saya, kalau lah katakan hanya ada SATU sahaja makanan yang saya boleh makan sebagai sarapan jika katakan la dunia nak hampir kiamat, mungkin saya pilih tosai kut hehehe


Tapi me being a picky eater, must alwiz have it with Coconut Chutney - a semi-solid paste usually made of coconut, dal, green chilies, and mint or coriander (cilantro), no other alternatives ok.


Our favourite hang out is just at the corner of cempaka and taman cahaya and its called D'klasik Restaurant. The reason for that is because I can only have my thosai if I have it with coconut chutney. I've had them in other places but they never serve it or are either too lazy to do it.


I usually have onion Thosai and here it is nice and fluffy in the inside and crispy on the outside.


So, this time, before heading off to Petronas Science Museum, we decided to have the family breakfast there.

Liya likes Horlicks O Panas...


..and thosai like her mom.


DH asalkan ada left over curry..



he's ONE HAPPY MAN...cantek laaa...

Baby Sya is also a frequent at this fav mamat hang out of ours. I had to have all the curry I can get when I was preggy with her, hence the wonderful effect of the curry smell that brings her to sleep LOL (maybe coz DH is from Penang and loooooooves curry)


Even my own parents took on the idea of having this for breakfast after I introduced this to them.

And of course, my kopi ice is a must for my breakfast ;)


So, Sarapan Apa Kita Pagi Ni?

I love these people...

Simply because they are still REAL.
And being ORIGINAL is something hard to do.

Standing ovation please....

Friday, December 26, 2008

I still WANT clean tiled floors

I am obsessed with clean white tiled floors. No carpeting. Just plain white I can see the reflection of myself on them. Not a single spec or hair to be seen. Not even oily trails.

Recently I've had knee pain but despite that, I still WANT clean tiled floors. My mom says its because of all the mopping around I do. But I still WANT clean tiled floors.

Its crazy rite? But arent we all crazy sometimes...


Seorang wanita yang berkahwin sudah diambil (taken) 
Kerana dia mahu untuk diambil. 
Ke tempat-tempat dia tidak akan tahu apa yang diharapkan 
rela bertujuan.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lazy Days

Terfikir betapa indahnya jika hari-hari mampu bersantai  dengan A'aesyah. Saya seorang ibu bekerja - harus berhenti berangan-angan :(

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Welcome to the NEW Vamped Me in 2009

It's taken nearly a month for me to get everything on this site right...JUST right

It has also been an emotional parting with my ol friend wordpress. But as a designer-slash-blogger-slash-photographer-slash-mommy...admit it, we have to move on.

Why "Pink Punk Stilettos And Baby Shoes..." - LOL go figure

I just think its a cute name.

Well all I can say is, this was definately a fun makeover ;)

Opening Soon